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Combinational stimulator for medical use,
home use for medical purposes using low frequency and ultrasonic waves that are gentle and rhythmic


  1. Use of low frequency and ultrasonic waves
    This is a combinational stimulator for medical use, home use that mixes low frequency and ultrasonic waves to stimulate the desired areas of the body including the abdomen, arms, legs, and face.
    It has been designed to meet user demands.
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  3. Ultrasound Probe
    Ultrasonic stimulation provides alleviation of pain in various areas of the body.
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  5. low frequency patch
    It is a cupping-type device that is used to relieve pain and ameliorate muscle atrophy through percutaneous means by sending micro-electrical current to a small area of the body.

    Placement of the Patch
    You can place the patch on any area of the body that needs pain relief.
    (Use Size 'L' on broad areas such as the shoulders, abdomen, etc., and use Size 'S' in narrow areas such as the wrists, knees, etc.)
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    Use Size L Use Size L Use Size S

  6. Convenientce size and weight
    It is a portable device that is compact and lightweight, so you can carry it with you and use it anywhere you like
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  8. A cart for easy storage and use
    The cart can be purchased separately to be used for easy stroage and use of the device.


 You can check the product specifications of NM-700P.

Product name and model name Combinational stimulator for medical use, home use / NM-700P
License number for the manufacturing article No. 12-1167
Product weight 1.4kg / 1set
Product size 185 X 185 X 82.4(mm)
Electric rating DC 24V
(Input voltage and frequency of DC Adaptor : AC 100-240 V ~, 50-60Hz)
Power consumption 24VA